S-3 Delta Harrows

Unparalleled flexibility

While tillage equipment options available today become increasingly complex, the Delta Flexible Harrow remains an easy-to-use, effective, inexpensive multi-use tool for a very wide array of terrain management chores.

Delta attachments are designed to be user-configurable. Sections can be added in both width and depth, and the tines can be mounted to vary the level of action. Draw Bars drag tine sections behind small equipment, while 3-point Lifts and heavy-duty Carts allow for ease of transportation and larger coverage.

Delta harrow tine sections are assembled using cold-formed tines from 7/16, 1/2, and 5/8” diameter steel wire. They are assembled in modular units suited to configure with Delta attachments. Drawbars and 3-Point attachment configurations range in widths from 4’ to 14’. Carts are available in widths from 16’ to 42’.

Turf management

Unmanaged turf becomes heavily thatched and compacted, preventing healthy growth from reaching its full potential. The Delta Flexible Harrow stimulates growth by surfacing the dead material, aerating the soil, and strengthening the grasses. A small section on a drawbar or 3-point is all you need to tow behind your yard vehicle.
Roadway maintenance

Forage crops

Studies have proven that mechanically stimulating forage land is the most cost-effective method of dramatically improving the strength and productivity of the plant. Surface disturbance covers open seed for germination and spreading thatch aids decomposition, and increases the speed at which nutrients are usable…mound leveling is a value-added bonus of this process.

Corn Stalk Leveling & Low/No-Till Practices

Break up crust, ridges, or stalks to clean up after harvest and prepare for the next season. Heavy residual matter such as corn stalks and thatch, is leveled and distributed without clumping or bunching—even in extreme situations.

Pasture Management

In the pasture, livestock waste makes the surrounding grass unpalatable for livestock. A pass with the Delta Flexible Harrow maximizes the fertilizing benefits of waste by encouraging decomposition, spreading nutrients, incorporating moisture, uncovering growth, and aerating the soil. Flexible harrow configurations are crucial for these tasks with varying pasture needs and locations.

Seedbed Preparation

Combined with field cultivators or other implements, the Delta Flexible Harrow will prepare a firm, level seedbed and provide excellent pack and cover. The modular configurability of the tyne sections and wide range of attachment widths are highly adaptable for all seedbed conditions.

Arena resurfacing and Roadway Maintenance

The Delta Flexible Harrow is the perfect tool for quickly restoring the smooth and consistent surface of an arena. With any configuration that fits through the gate, quickly level large masses and provide a smooth and lightly compacted surface.

Gravel roads or dirt paths are quickly smoothed, leveled, dried, and manicured. Hook a small drawbar and tyne section to your quad, or a 3- point hitch attachment to your garden tractor to make a quick job of driveway maintenance.


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