Cypress Industries Creep Feeders

At Cypress Industries, our creep feeders are a cut above the rest. They sit on a 10,000lb axle and have new 12.5L16 implement tires. All creep feeders come with spring assist fold up panels for fast efficient change from field to transport position. More convenient panel configuration provides calves access on both ends and have a full length enter/exit areas for calves. When the panels are down in the feeding position, two braces securely hold the panels to eliminate shifting or rattling so the calves feel more comfortable entering the feeding area. No tools required to set up panels with the clip in braces.

The large weatherproof standard sliding filling lid is designed so you can fill the feeder with panels in transport position. Our creep feeders have several convenient features including stabilizing jacks front and back, a 5000lb top wind screw jack, stainless steel hardware on all adjustable feed openings and a peaked floor for complete clean out of feed. Sturdy steps allow you to climb the feeder and there is an ideal location for the mineral feeder on the rear.
The model-100 design provides superior feed protection of the mangers from the elements and is powder coated. They sit on an 8000lb axle and have 11L15-implement tires.

10ft portable feeders available in model-100, model-250 and model-330.

15ft models in model-375 and model-495 and are easily towed by your truck.

Our 8ft model-60 creep feeder sits on a 2” X 4” steel skid. It feeds on one side and has a fold up panel. Acid washed and powder coated.

* Model number represents approximate bushel capacity depending on feed product.


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