Adjustable Width Alley Frames

All 2W alley handling systems utilize heavy duty adjustable alley frames which set the width of the alley to restrict animals from doubling up or pushing past one another.

Drop Down
Back-Up Alley Stop

Drop down alley stops are designed to allow cattle to flow in a designated area, and prohibit rearward motion through an alley. These stop drop down, and are height adjustable depending on livestock size.

TPO Plastic
Lined Panels

Lined with high strength white TPO plastic to support easy cleaning, and increase durability.

Post Pin Style
Connecting System

All 2W Heady-Duty products utilize the 2W "Post Pin" connecting system. This system uses a shaped steel rod paired with shaped clips to fasten posts to panels. This systems allows for minute play so as to aid with odd fitment or change in terrain while at the same time ensuring that once the connection is made, it will never separate due to cattle pressure.


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