The 2W Hydraulic Squeeze Chute utilizes a hydraulic control head-catch that is operated via control panel. This catch is designed to include physical limits to prevent over-tightening on the animal. This design utilizes a single sided cylinder to operate both sides of the catch, allowing for minimal maintenance and fewer moving parts.

Side Doors

Allowing unlimited access to either side of the animal inside, the 2W Hydraulic Squeeze Chute allows handlers to perform any medicinal or maternity procedures on the animal without having awkward positioning or potentially dangerous situations.

Complete Hydraulic Function & Controls

Completely hydraulic actuated, this chute is entirely operated from a single valve block which can be located on either side of the chute. Hydraulic functions include side squeeze, head catch, neck bars, back doors, and bottom narrow adjustment allowing for maximum functionality for cattle handlers.

Perforated Metal Floor & Brisket Bar

A simple solution for when things get messy, perforated holes are laser cut through the high strength steel floor allowing for easy clean-up of manure. A heavy duty brisket bar also aids in the stabilization of cattle within the chute.


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