Pressure Inducing
Swing Gate

A TPO plastic lined gate is used to induce pressure around the circumference of the crowding tub, pressuring cattle to funnel into a connected alley.

Ratchet Style Swing
Gate Back-Up Stops

A sprung back-stop is incorporated into the swing gate, and "Ratchets" against vertical stops that are built into the surrounding tub panels. If livestock were to reverse direction, the sprung back-stop will lock against the vertical ratchets and halt any continued counter movement.

Heavy Duty Curved
Panel Tub Frame

With similar specifications to a standard 2W "400, 500, 600" Series Panel, these panels are also die pressed into a round shape, and then lined with TPO plastic. This rounding of the panels actually simplifies the manufacturing process and provides less potential failure points throughout the panel.

Post Pin Style
Connecting System

All 2W Heady-Duty products utilize the 2W "Post Pin" connecting system. This system uses a shaped steel rod paired with shaped clips to fasten posts to panels. This systems allows for minute play so as to aid with odd fitment or change in terrain while at the same time ensuring that once the connection is made, it will never separate due to cattle pressure.


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