High Pole / Bow
Entry Gate

For entry into the 2W Bud Box Assembly a standard 2W High Pole / Bow Gate is used. This is typically either a 12' or 14' gate.

Pressure Induced Via Cattle's Natural Instincts

The methodology behind the workings of a Bud Box system is based on cattle's natural instinct to exit the assembly the way they came. The rider will allow entry into the system through the front gate, circle around inside the box, and the cattle will naturally funnel into the attached alley as it is located near where they entered the system.

Side Entry

For quality of life and emergency exit options, the Bud Box assembly also has a side entry gate-in-frame. This is typically a 2W 400, 500, 600 Series Gate Panel.

Post Pin Style
Connecting System

All 2W Heady-Duty products utilize the 2W "Post Pin" connecting system. This system uses a shaped steel rod paired with shaped clips to fasten posts to panels. This systems allows for minute play so as to aid with odd fitment or change in terrain while at the same time ensuring that once the connection is made, it will never separate due to cattle pressure.


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