Heavy Duty
Outer Frame

The 2W Heavy Duty Block Door is designed with a 2 3/8" Diameter - 10 Gauge outer frame which sets the foundation for the entire assemblies strength and rigidity. 

Easy To Operate
Rolling Door

Rolling on two high density nylon rollers that run along an overhead 2 3/8" diameter railing, the block door can easily move within the rolling mechanism whilst still having the momentum and weight that comes from the heavy materials used. The operation of the block door can be related to a "Solid" open/close action.

Wooden Board
Protective Inserts

The block door is top-filled with 2" thick wooden board inserts that are easily replaceable in the event livestock gets rowdy and breaks a board.

Post Pin Style
Connecting System

All 2W Heady-Duty products utilize the 2W "Post Pin" connecting system. This system uses a shaped steel rod paired with shaped clips to fasten posts to panels. This systems allows for minute play so as to aid with odd fitment or change in terrain while at the same time ensuring that once the connection is made, it will never separate due to cattle pressure.


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