Heavy Duty Sheeted
High Pole Gate

One of the heaviest made products by 2W, this high pole gate is designed to block Bison's vision when moving through the system, as Bison will naturally attempt to push their way through the slightest opening.

Specially Designed
Rolling Block Door

Similar to the vision inhibiting design of the bison high pole gate, the rolling blocks doors are highly engineered using the heaviest materials, along with vision inhibiting steel sheeting.

Sheeted Panels

Constructed of 2" diameter 13 gauge high strength steel, these panels are constructed similar to 2W's "400, 500, 600" Series Heavy Duty Panels but are sheeted to inhibit bison's vision and provide an extra layer of safety to handlers.

2W Bison System
Design Services

The 2W engineering team offers design services for any custom bison handling applications. Services include full design services, product recommendations, custom modifications, and much more. 


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