Laser Cut Ramp
Height Adjuster

The 2W loading chute has laser cutouts to adjust the height of the ramp to accommodate for high or low loading trailers.

Steel Railing with
Wooden Catwalk

A steel railing is paired with replaceable walk-along floor boards to help handlers move cattle through the chute and to offer increased visibility of the livestock.

Corrugated Steel
Floor for Cleanliness

Laser cut corrugated steel flooring allows for easy clean-up of the chute, and also offers the livestock scaling the chute to have more traction, reducing any sort of potential trips or falls.

Heavy Duty
Steel Body Construction

Though 2W does still utilize hand welders for large assemblies, the incorporation of CNC Robotic Welders for high-volume products allows for maximum consistency between welds and aids with quality control measures. To add an extra layer of quality measures, these robotic welders use an Advanced Fronius CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) welding process that greatly reduces metal distortion, minimizes tension caused by heat expansion, nearly eliminates weld spatter, and makes for a beautiful high quality weld.


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