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Bison Diet
and Predators

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The Evolution
of Bison

North American
Bison Impact

The Bison
Meat Industry

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2W Livestock

Cypress Industries

T&S Range
Cattle feeders

Jenkins Iron and Steel


Pioneer Cattle
Coupler Oiler

S3 Delta Harrows

S3 Delta Spreaders


Truck Model Feeder

300 lb. Capacity
Trip Hopper

Trailer Model Feeder

This is a picture of the switch
and counter. When you are feeding, you set the flow gate to the desired number of pounds
of feed that you want to dump
per pile.

Paddleveyor attached to feeder
filling Deer and Game

Truck Model Feeder

The truck model feeders may be mounted in the back of a pickup, or they can be mounted

across a flatbed. All of these feeders work the same way. The trailer is powered by the small
wheel being engaged against the ground wheel. The truck model feeder is powered by a 12 volt
motor that runs off the truck battery. These are not starter motors. These 12 volt motors are
Constant Duty and are C-Face bolted to an oil bath gear reducer. They run for power and not
speed. All wiring, switch and the complete counter assembly come with each feeder.

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