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Bison Menu - Recipe Submissions


Quill Creek Bison has started a menu section comprised of Bison recipes submitted by our visitors.

If you have a Bison recipe that you would like to submit for posting, please contact us through our ‘Contact’ page.  We will give you the email address to send it to.

We will post your first name and province or state and country. We will post emails, additional addresses and names or web site links if you so desire.

All submissions must be approved by the Quill Creek committee. All decisions are final.

No personal information is given, sold, exchanged or traded to any other person or site for any reason.

Be part of a market that is rapidly growing, offers a sustainable product, provides a healthier meat choice, and provides a delicious tasting product for all to enjoy. Bison are also healthier for the land; they eat less, don’t tear up the land and are native to the region.

We look forward to posting your recipes.

Thank you for your participation. 
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