Jenkins Iron and Steel. Our attachments are rigorously tested and abused prior to production so you know you are getting the best and most durable attachments possible!
Jenkins Iron and Steel is a small family manufacturer of a variety of implement attachments located in Long Prairie, MN.
The Jenkins family founded the company with one goal in mind and that is to put out the highest quality, most durable attachments on the market at prices that everyone can afford. This goal is achieved by utilizing state of the art manufacturing techniques, top quality American steel and quality control through the oversight of every attachment not only in the design phase, but also every single aspect of production from the point of sale through production to delivery and beyond. Simply put, if it has the Jenkins name on it you can count on it to work, day in and day out, through whatever you can throw at it.

Tine Grapple


Also called a manure fork or silage fork, the Tine Grapple is extremely versatile, from digging out roots and stumps to piling up brush, breaking up silage, to scraping up the barn floor, this grapple can do it all. Constructed of 2 ¼” hardened replaceable shaft, these commercial grade monsters are as heavy duty as you can get in a round tine model and if you do get into trouble one bolt removes the damaged shaft for easy replacement. 4.25″ spacing ensures large debris will fall through easily and our removable bolt on side plate feature makes these grapples extremely versatile for whatever you might want to do with them. Grapples are available in 63″, 70″, 78″, 83″ and 88″ widths. Like all grapples, they have fully greaseable pivot points, cylinder covers and enclosed grapples. Dual cylinder grapples open and close together but close to different levels making them ideal for gripping and holding uneven loads in the bucket. All Jenkins hydraulic attachments come with hoses, cylinders and flat face couplers.

All Jenkins Iron and Steel attachments can be modified to fit a variety of tractor loader models including but not limited to John Deere, Westendorf, Global, Euro, Koyker, New Holland, Kubota etc. Various skid steer loader mounts are also available for those without universal skid steer quick attach.


63″, 70″, 78″, 83″ and 88″
Dual cylinder
2 ¼” tine thickness
34.5″ tine length
1/2″ grapple claw thickness
4.25″ spacing between tines
Modified to fit a variety of tractor loader models


Width 63″ 70″ 78″ 83″ 88″
Height 32″ 32″ 32″ 32″ 32″
Tine Length 34.5″ 34.5″ 34.5″ 34.5″ 34.5″
Grapple Opening 36″ 36″ 36″ 36″ 36″
Weight (lbs) 1044 1142 1240 1298 1356


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