Jenkins Iron and Steel. Our attachments are rigorously tested and abused prior to production so you know you are getting the best and most durable attachments possible!
Jenkins Iron and Steel is a small family manufacturer of a variety of implement attachments located in Long Prairie, MN.
The Jenkins family founded the company with one goal in mind and that is to put out the highest quality, most durable attachments on the market at prices that everyone can afford. This goal is achieved by utilizing state of the art manufacturing techniques, top quality American steel and quality control through the oversight of every attachment not only in the design phase, but also every single aspect of production from the point of sale through production to delivery and beyond. Simply put, if it has the Jenkins name on it you can count on it to work, day in and day out, through whatever you can throw at it.

Ice Scraper


The Jenkins Iron and Steel Ice and Material Scraper makes scraping material off of any solid surface a breeze. Utilizing the skid steer for down pressure and the ability to move forward and back as well as side to side makes scraping ice, snow, manure or any other hard packed material a breeze. Heavy duty frame with a replaceable disc and a pivoting center point make it simple to use and highly effective for scraping up anything you can possibly imagine! The disc is also self-sharpening for minimal maintenance, maximum longevity, and ease of use!


Quickly removes frozen or hardened build-up from solid surfaces. Replaceable self-sharpening disc on a commercial-grade frame


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