S-3 Delta Spreaders

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Broadcast Spreading. 

Broadcasting seed & fertilizer is a cost-effective method to apply material for many forage, cereal and cover crops, as well as conservation landscaping.

S3 Delta Harrows introduces an efficient, simple, broadcast spreader to cover land sizes from acreage yards to large pasture or hay fields. S3 Delta Spreaders can be used alone or together with Delta harrow modules and carriers to create the ideal combination.

Over-seeding or inter-seeding, together with the harrows, rejuvenates, thickens or improves the mix of existing growth, while dethatching and aerating the soil for maximum efficiency. Increase the nutritional value of pastures, hay crops, and the attractiveness of food plots.

Spreader Features. 
1. Adjustable feed rate
2. Electric shut off
3. Adjustable spread bias
4. Adjustable spread restrictors
5. Tipping hopper
6. Remote on/off switch 

Spreader Specifications.
SPREAD: Large, dense granules and seeds with high disc speed broadcast the maximum spread width; small, light material will not spread as far. Examples: light grass seed will broadcast up to 19’ across, and large dense granules will spread 75’ or more.
POWER: 12v DC with continuous 25 amps
ASSEMBLY: Simple bolt-together assembly, about 1 hour
MOUNT: Mount varies by carrier, but all are simple bolt-on attachments with minimal time required. 

Available in Two Sizes. 
Acreage Hopper, 17 ga capacity (65 lbs to 175 lbs depending on material density).
Ideal for use with smaller vehicles like ATV’s, Side by sides, and small tractors to cover yards and small areas.

Mounting kits:
ATV only, with 1 ¼” or 2” Receiver
ATV & 3-Point Combo, with either 1 ¼” or 2” Receiver
3-Point Mount
Cart Mount

Field & Pasture Hopper, 34 ga capacity (75 lbs to 295 lbs depending on material density). Ideal for use behind small-to-large tractors to cover more acres.
Mounting kits:
3-Point Mount
Cart Mount 


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