S-3 Delta Harrows

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About the Delta Harrow

The Delta Harrow has been designed with flexibility that allows for a broad range of applications. Here are a few in which it excels:

Turf Management: Unmanaged turf becomes heavily thatched and compacted, preventing healthy growth from reaching its full potential. The Delta Flexible Harrow stimulates growth by surfacing the dead material, aerating the soil, and strengthening the grasses. A small section on a drawbar or 3-point is all you need to tow behind your yard vehicle.

Gravelled or dirt roadway maintenance: Gravel roads or dirt paths are quickly smoothed, levelled, dried and manicured. Hook a small drawbar and section up to your quad, or a 3-point hitch attachment to your garden tractor to make a quick job of driveway maintenance.

Turf Management

Arena resurfacing: Arenas or playing fields become smooth and loosely packed: a safe surface for all activities. Any size that fits through your gate will get the work done quickly.

Seedbed preparation: The modular design of the tyne sections and range of attachment widths available make it easy to combine with field cultivators or other implements to prepare a firm, level seed-bed or to pack and cover.

Corn stalk levelling & Minimum/No-Till Practices: Break up crust, ridges or stalks to clean up after harvest and prep for the next season. Heavy residue like corn stalks is levelled and distributed without clumping or bunching – even in extreme situations. The Delta Cart is ideally suited to cover your field as quickly as possible, and provide unequalled durability so that you can keep going. 

Delta Cart Features

Two-way flexible tynes, cold-formed and built to last.
Our 5” of tyne means more tyne for your money. Choose from 7/16”, 1/2”, and 5/8” diameter tynes.
Our cart frames use a sleeve and bolt-through mounting design for strength and are powder coated for durability.
Designed to handle rough terrain, 15” tires with extra long bolt-through spindle and reinforced axle.
Hydraulic cylinder mount is made from 1” solid steel, maximizing flotation and durability.
Top mounted lift cylinder enhances flotation and longevity.
Extra long hitch tongue for sharp turning when paired with other equipment.
Heavy duty cast hitch, 2000 lb. jack, safety chain – standard equipment. 

Typical applications, unlimited flexibility

Delta attachments are designed for customizing to the user. Rugged drawbars drag tyne sections while 3-point lifts and heavy-duty carts allow for ease of transportation and wide coverage. The modular, multi-use design and wide range of attachment options place the Delta Flexible Harrow in several markets in which minimum tillage solutions are a must, such as:

1. Turf management
2. Graveled or dirt roadway maintenance
3. Pasture management
4. Forage crop improvement
5. Arena resurfacing
6. Seedbed preparation
7. Corn stalk leveling

Delta Cart!


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