We purchase finished Bison and all types of Animals.
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2W Livestock Equipment - Ready to Ship

Sheep Panels and Gates
Gates available in 4' and 6' widths
with 7' frames

2W Champion Horse Stalls
These heavy duty stalls are available in
10 and 12 foot fronts and dividers.
Dividers are designed for wood insertion

500 Series Eight Rail Panels
All 500 series gates and panels
are available with 8 rails.

Equine Treatment Stocks
First choice stock selection of Veterinarians. Accommodates all
standing procedures that can
be done on a horse.

The Rustler Squeeze
A more economical chute designed for
smaller operations. The Rustler
squeezes from one side only

The Wrangler Double Alley
The 2W Wrangler System offers
the ultimate in safety and efficiency
 in handling your livestock.

The Health Center
In normal or emergency situations,
the Health Center will provide a
safe and convenient environment
for you and your livestock.

The Wrangler Squeeze
Features a straight wall design which eliminates wedging and allows cattle
 to have free movement forward. The
sides of the chute move in when squeezing, assisting in pushing the
animal forward reducing neck pressure.

The 2W Bud Box
Is a facility design that allows the
handler to position themselves
correctly to facilitate cattle flow
out of the box into either the
crowd alley leading to a chute
or to a trailer load out.

Bison equipment is made out of 2 inch 13 gauge steel tubing and 16 gauge sheet metal.
Pierson Squeeze Chutes are still available for Cattle and Bison. Comes with manual
or self-catching head gates and left ,right, double or no exists.

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